Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

At CMP we are conscientious individuals:

  • Dedicated to timely delivery of defect-free products
  • Committed to continuous process improvement
  • Diligent in our efforts to protect the environment
Our Vision

Our Vision

To deliver the most highly valued products and services thereby ensuring:

  • Happy customers
  • A business that our people and communities are proud of
  • Strong financial returns for our investors
Our Goal: To be World Class!

Our Goal: To be World Class!

Setting a Global Standard for Excellence

CMP Europe

CMP Europe is a branch of the CMP Group LTD. located in Casella, Italy. CMP Europe was formerly known as Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l Unipersonale and was established in Italy in 1972. Seaguard Italanodi was an associated company of Seaguard LTD. (London, 1956) to assure a consistently high level of quality and technology in the mediterranean area – has since been trading internationally in the design, production and supply of cathodic protection systems.

With its staff experienced for more than 40 years and constant research and experimentation in the field of corrosion and cathodic protection, the company can offer a very high level of specialisation and technical support, which are among its most remarkable characteristics. Thanks to a complete range of cathodic protection materials, an experienced staff and its cooperation with some representative companies, the company can provide technical assistance from the design stage through manufacturing and installation, including surveys and inspection.

Production Services

  • Design, manufacturing and supply of marine and industrial cathodic protection systems
  • Zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes
  • Impressed current cathodic protection equipment
  • Inspection and test instruments
  • Portable and permanent Cu/Cu SO4 reference electrodes
  • Portable Ag/Ag Cl reference electrodes
  • High silicon iron anodes: string – canister – stick
  • MMO titanium anodes
  • Corrosion Control Service

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection

Steel and all other metal structures which, because of construction, environment or operational reason remain immersed in sea or brackish water for long periods of time, are subject to galvanic corrosion attacks. Of all the many protection system and up-to-date technologies used over the decades to reduce or eliminate damage caused by corrosion, cathodic protection is undoubtedly the most effective and economical one. Because of its wide experience, Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l Unipersonale can offer a wide range of anodes.

CMP Group LTD.

With the commitment to providing customers with innovative and value added solutions, the company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and product assortments. Today the company has offices and manufacturing facilities in Canada, United States, Italy, and China. The facilities contain extensive engineering resources, metallurgical testing laboratories and production capabilities. Today the company has the manufacturing capability of die casting nonferrous metals, CNC machining, metal stamping, metal fabricating, extruding various types of plastics, and roto-molding both PVC and PE products. The company produces and sources over 10,000 products, servicing military, commercial, and recreational fishing and marine markets.  The company operates globally, giving the company the ability to service customers from local offices and manufacturing facilities.

CMP is made up of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways, but all with a focus to provide consumers with innovative and value added solutions.

The company believes that innovation and development are important in all the industries served, and takes great pride in pursuing that excellence. The company is dedicated to being a market leader, providing unique and distinctive products, but also continuing the ongoing effort to providing green products suitable for all marine applications. The loyalty and support of customers has made it possible for CMP to grow from a small metal foundry, to a global leader with extensive manufacturing capabilities.


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