Impressed Current Anodes

In impressed current cathodic protection systems, the direct current supplied by the generator is released into the environment through individual or connected anodes.

CMP produces anodes for impressed current systems in the most common types of anodes in Silicon-Iron alloys and MMO activated Titanium.

  • Silicon-Iron anodes
  • MMO activated Titanium Anodes

Silicon-Iron Anodes

Seaguard silicon iron anodes for impressed current systems are economical, stable and resistant to the corrosive action of the most aggressive acids and alkalis. For application in soils where the chloride content is particularly high (or sea water) is used a silicon iron alloy with the addition of chromium that enhances its characteristics and reduces its specific consumption.

MMO activated Titanium Anodes

The Seaguard MMO-activated titanium anode consists of a thin film of coating applied to the titanium substrate which ensures a long life. As the ceramic coating of the anode withstands the development of oxygen and chlorines, it is recommended for use in fresh water, sea water, mud, brackish water and in earth electrodes using coke backfills.

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